When Videogame & eSport culture meets home decor

In the last few years, thanks to games like Fortnite, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Minecraft and services like Twitch, video gaming and in particular PC gaming and eSports have been on a meteoric rise. Players are now investing countless hours, and thousands of hours in their gaming PCs and video game rooms (i.e. Battle stations).

The interesting thing is, along with the drive for faster PCs, gamers have started to focus on the decor in their video game room. Gamers are now starting to take gaming decor as seriously as the actual machines they play on. 

We're going to highlight some of the awesome battle stations we've come across online, as well as give you a few of the must have items if you're planning to set up a sweet  video game room for yourself, or that special gamer. You never know, you may get a cool video game room idea. 


Now, let's run through a quick list of some of the items that go into these set ups

  1. LED Light Strips : From inside the PC case, to the walls, and under desks, colorful LED lights are the perfect addition thing to take any game room from ok to wow!
  2. Comfy Gaming Chair: Gamers nowadays are rocking chairs that rival those found in high end race cars. Ergonomically designed for comfort and long play sessions, a proper gaming chair is essential! 
  3. Lit keyboard and mouse: If you're going to light the desk, and walls, you have to have a keyboard, mouse and even mousepad that matches! 
  4. LED Wall tiles: This one is for those that want to go that extra extra mile. Lit wall tiles, whether colored or plain will make your game room the envy of your friends (or fans if you stream on twitch)
  5. Videogame posters: The possibilities are virtually endless. Wide posters, multipart posters, desk posters. Add whatever posters catch your eye and fit perfectly with your battle station theme! 

We're definitely going to be doing more pieces on gamers and how video gaming culture has started to take decor to the next level in the coming weeks. So stay tuned. 

In the mean time, if you're looking for something for your game room, or as a gift, check out our "Gaming & eSports" decor section

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