Should you buy a smart lamp?

Smart homes, smart thermostats, smart TVs, smart speakers, and now...Smart Lamps! But, the real question is, are smart lamps actually worth the money? 

Let's find out.

Smart lamp night light

1. Controlling the brightness in the room

Ever found yourself in a room where you just need a little light? A roof light my be a bit too bright, and a wall light or standard lamp may not be just right? In comes a smart lamp. With a smart lamp you can adjust the brightness to the perfect amount. Whether you want enough light to read a book or your kindle, or you need just a bit of light to find a remote. A smart lamp gives you this flexibility 

2. Choose a color to set the mood

It's a proven fact that the color of our surroundings can affect and even change out mood. Again, here comes a smart lamp. With a smart lamp you're able to choose the perfect color from millions of colors. Whether you're by yourself, or you've got company, a smart lamp will let you set the perfect tone for the room

3. Never leave the bed

You know the feeling. Once you hit the bed and find that perfect spot, nobody wants to have to get up to turn off the lights. Luckily, you can control your smart lamp with either your voice, or your smartphone. Adjust the brightness, choose a color, set a timer, or just turn it off entirely if you're ready for bed. You never have to get up out of bed, and risk losing that perfect spot

There are plenty other reasons why buying a smart lamp is definitely worth it. 

  • Turn off the lights in your kid's room when they've fallen asleep 
  • LED bulbs are power efficient 
  • Sync multiple lamps to wash the room on beautiful colors 

So, look around, and find the perfect smart lamp for you! 

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