4 Ways Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

We all have some vague idea that lights can affect our mood. From the intensity of lights, to the color.  Our mood can be changed in an instant with the right lights.

This is actually good news. Most people don't pay much attention when they're deciding on their decor, to color lighting they're going to use for their spaces, or how much control they'll have over that lighting. We hope that after reading this list, you'll consider using lighting in your room decor, to set the mood(s) you want, when you want. 

1. Light intensity can heighten your mood

We may not realize it, but we experience emotions more intensely under brighter lights. A 2014 study asked volunteers to gauge the aggressiveness of a fictional person, how attract 3 women were, and the appeal of different spicy sauces. They also asked volunteers to report how they felt about a set of positive, negative, and neutral words. In the end, the participants seated in a brightly lit room saw the character as aggressive and the women as more attractive than those in a dimly lit room. They also preferred the spicier chicken wing sauces and  felt more strongly about positive rather than negative words. When it came to emotions, the reactions of volunteers were more intense under brighter lights. 

Get lighting where you have full control over brightness. A smart lamp may be perfect.

2. Blue light makes us feel more energetic

Ever wonder why new phones and laptops have blue light filter apps on them? Well. A recent study found that people who were exposed to short wavelength, high energy blue light were more energetic and productive: They were able to complete mental tasks faster, and more accurately than a group who were not. Blue light doesn't just have an effect while we're exposed, but for a full half hour after blue light exposure has ended. Exposure to blue light during the day can give us some extra energy and make us more alert. But, at night, we want to avoid these lights to increase our chances of having a good night's sleep.

Get lighting where you can control the color of the lighting. LED lighting, or smart lamps may be perfect.

3. Light can affect your appetite

Studies have found that light can have an impact on how much we eat, how quickly we eat, what kinds of food we crave, and even how much we enjoy flavors. In general, we eat slower and far less food in restaurants with softer, dimmer lights.

The flip side is, we may also be more likely to order unhealthy food in darker restaurants. Researchers believe this is because softer lighting makes us less alert and more relaxed. This means, we’re less likely to think too much about our food selections and more likely to eat at a leisurely pace, instead of inhaling our food.

There's more! Light doesn’t just affect what we eat, it also has an impact on how much we enjoy what we're eating. A 2009 study, for instance, found that background lighting affected how much volunteers enjoyed a particular wine. 

Get lighting specific for each room's purpose. 

4. Different colors may impact our body in different (but good) ways!

Green the color of nature is believed by some to stimulate the creation of growth hormones and strengthen muscles, bones and other tissues. It can also boost your body’s immune system. 

Yellow and is close relatives, may help with digestion. This color is associated with the stomach, liver and intestines. People with a depression could also benefit from yellow colour therapy. Wash your room in yellow and give it a try to see how your mood changes.

Again, consider LED lighting which allows you to change colors. A smart lamp or LED strips may be perfect.

In summary

We've all experienced it. We've walked into a room, or area with certain colors and we immediately find our mood has changed. With today's smart bulbs, bedside lamps and more, its easy to set the tone and mood of any space. So why not give it a try and see if your  mood improves! 

Check out our collection of smart lighting, lamps and bulbs to see if there's something that would fit your space!

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